Uma missão flash onde o próprio briefing indicava menos de 20 minutos para a executar.

Leg 8: RCNN RCQC Medical Evacuation – 50Nm

The National Airborne Service Corps is TaiwanTaiwan’s agency for medical service, SAR, patrol and also relief services. Its Third Brigade operates a base in both Tainan and Kaohsiung Airport, with a fleet of AS365 and UH 60M aircraft. ItIt’s time for you to help the NASC to operate medical transportation to Penghu, an outlying island. Remember, be efficient as the clock is ticking!

Mission: Take a helicopter from Tainan to Penghu under visual conditions.
Aircraft: Utility Helicopter

O heli escolhido foi o nosso koala. Segundo o Bacalhau, estes cenários de Taiwan são lindos no XP. O que acha?



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