Uma missão que não é costume realizarmos com esta aeronave mas as fotos e as condições metereológicas transformaram esta missão numa galeria das melhores fotos de sempre com o Falcon50. Não achas?



Leg5: RKSM RKSM Reconnaissance 120Nm

In November 2018, DPRK and ROK agreed to establish a No fly zone across the border between the two countries. Fixed wing aircraft are not allowed to fly in an area up to 40km away from the Military Declaration Line, the de facto border. Seoul AFB is home to the RC 800 Hawker, KoreaKorea’s Peace Krypton reconnaissance aircraft. You are ordered to gather intelligence about DPRK and also ensure that they are enforcing the NFZ.

Takeoff from Seoul ( and head towards HGS, int ercept inboun d radial 120 YJU and fly about 30Nm, to the boundary of the NFZ, fly north east along the boundary of RKP 518A for another 30nm then return to base.
Aircraft: Reconnaissance
DO NOT fly into the NFZ, do your tasks outside the zone only.
Area of RK P518B: 374100N 1264400E 374200N 1265100E 374500N 1270000E 374300N 1270500E 373000N 1273100E.


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