Vamos a mais uma missão?

Treino de VFR mas o melhor de tudo é que hoje somos mais que ontem. Ver outros simmers a iniciar as aventuras que continuamos a fazer é muito muito bom.

Pronto para a missão de hoje?

Leg 2: RKTI RKTN Training (VFR) 220Nm

There are multiple restricted areas in the south eastern parts of Korea reserved for military training. They are set up for air to air firing and surface to air firing by the Air Force and the Navy. Today, you will join the 19 th Fighter Wing based in Jungw on AB for a training in the eastern coasts.
Mission: From Chungju fly a fighter South East to Dong Hae Nam Bu (RK R74) Training area. Make a turn then fly to Daegu Airport.
Aircraft: Fighter (F 16 recommended)
Suggested Route: YCN RKR74 KP O TAG
Beacon Frequencies:
YCN  113.80 MHz
KPO  112.50 Mhz

Area of RK R74 DONG HAE NAM BU is as follows:
365200N 1300000E 365000N 1301300E 364400N 1302500E 360200N 1302500E 360200N 1300000E to the beginning






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