About us

Our group was created in 2006 as a virtual group of simulation. Since its creation we evolved to became something greater.
We are now a community with virtual events as well as real events, we now have a strong component of learning from each other and thus making us better as group not a single individual.

Co founders

WTG059 – Luís Nogueira

WTG723 – João Melim

509th Wild Tigers Chief of Staff

WTG059 – Luís Nogueira

Board of Governators

WTG059 – Luís Nogueira

WTG210 – Armando Viana Avo

Tech Team

WTG008 – Francisco Silva

Airbase Commanders

WTG042 – Arnaldo Nogueira
LPLA – Lajes AB

WTG021 – Guillaume Normand
LFBC – Cazaux Air Base

WTG917 – Hugo Costa
LPPT – AT1 Figo Maduro

WTG911 – Álvaro Quintas
LPMT – Montijo Airbase

WTG983 – João Chalo
LSMP – Payerne Airport

DCS Coordination

WTG009 – Rui Barros

Our Advisors

Roberto Rodriguez


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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