Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at 509WildTigers.


This is the official Organisation and Regulations Manual for all aspects of the operations of the 509th Wild Tigers (WTG) All members should know and apply the contents of this manual.

This manual contains information, policies, regulations, procedures and guidance concerning the operation and administration of the 509TH WILD TIGERS SOG. These policies apply to the conduct of all 509TH WILD TIGERS SOG members who fly anywhere online using an official 509TH WILD TIGERS SOG callsign (WTG) or with our informations on their REMARKS.

All 509TH WILD TIGERS SOG members are required to be familiar with all provisions of this manual, including Staff operations and administrative responsibilities. The goal of the 509TH WILD TIGERS SOG is to provide a realistic simulated environment, and most importantly, to provide a fun environment for everybody to enjoy our hobby. Although every effort have been made to prescribe complete information, policy, regulation, procedure and guidance, it is impossible to cover every circumstance. Therefore, when a situation arises where no specific procedure, policy, regulation or guidance is covered in this document, the WTG staff, shall review the situation and provide the needed guidance.


Due to the professional nature and skills requirements of virtual military operations and our association with IVAO, enlistment shall be open to anybody, subject to certain minimum criteria as follows:

EL.1)   Minimum age 14 years old. Other situations shall be reviewed by our Staff.

EL.2)  Be active IVAO or VATSIM member.

EL.3)  An interview may be requested to candidates by our Staff members to evaluate and assess their motivations, interests and current abilities.

EL.4)  Candidates who belong to other military flying simulation groups are not considered. Other situation shall be reviewed by our Staff.

EL.5)  After the approval, the candidates will be placed at Sintra AB to start their training process.Only after this process is successfully completed they can rank up.

EL.6)  The candidates have 7 days after their approval to complete their first flight with our callsign otherwise their recruitment process will be considered halt for a undetermined period of time.


GR.1) The pilot should take into consideration that being a tiger implies the involvement in the activities of the Group of active form, perform at least one flight a month to keep the account active, have the right attitude and collaborative with other elements, use our callsign (WTG’S) unless instructions to the contrary. Other situations shall be reviewed be our Staff.

GR.2) The pilot, once completed the course of elementary instruction, will be assigned to an airbase according to their will and capabilities. To the pilot will be handed an aircraft in the fleet. However you can, after certification to fly other aircraft in accordance with the missions which will be presented.

GR.3) The rank is assigned taking into account the number of flying hours.

GR.4) The Commander of each base is set by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of our group.

GR.4) Offline, on IVAO or on VATSIM flights are accepted.

GR.5) The members that have attitudes of indiscipline or disregard the principles of this Regulation, will be removed indefinitely from the group.

GR.6) The channels used for information and communication between members is the official website and the official forum.

GR.7) Each pilot will be entitled vacations per year that must be reported in advance to the  group commanders.

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