With many year of existence, 509th Wild Tigers is very proud to have become a well-known group of the IVAO Community – Special Operations.

With over 200 performed missions, several organized missions, multinational exercises and with many mission scenarios created, the 509th Wild Tigers is above all, a group of friends that goes beyond the virtual world.

Throughout the years many hours have been dedicated and hundreds of euros have been spent for the success of this group.

In order to continue with this group we need your help, call it collaboration to what we all give and receive.

We have no intentions of making this group profitable but we need to make it a bit more self-sustainable.

To everyone who’s interested in collaborating with this cause can send us their donation.

You can use PayPall account to donate. For more informations contact us click here:

PS: No one is obligated to collaborate. This is just for those who want to help support the group costs!!

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