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T Flight Hotas X – Pedro Gomes

The T-Flight Hotas X… The joystick that helped me getting into simulation in a bigger depth than I’ve ever experienced before! Still remember the day going into the cockpit of an F16 and how it felt having the HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick) and thinking how good of a system it as and how smart it was for pilots being able to do most tasks without ever leaving the stick and throttle and wishing I could get something like that for flight sim, how much I could improve my flying!
I did have many previous sticks and yokes one of them being the Saitek Yoke which I quickly ditched for not being practical and honestly poorly built, not saying that the Hotas X is perfect and to be honest I would be expecting less for the price but trusthmaster really pushed themselves and gave the flight simmers something they could use and love. The joystick sometimes will give you some noise but it’s rare as it’s built very strong and robustly. This is perfect for fast moving flying such as aerobatics and defensive time of flight as you don’t have to be worried to break something.

The detachable throttle is with no doubt the neatest feature giving me easy access to my keyboard and mouse and making me feel like a real pilot, it being an F-16 or an Airbus flying over Europe!
You can use the rudder either with the Z-Axis or twisting the stick itself which I think it’s a nice touch the guys back in thrustmaster gave to it, adjustable friction on the stick and many mappable buttons, please remember that this joystick is plug and play which means you can play any flying game and it will work with no set up, unless you want to be real hardcore and tweak the settings a bit Eheh.. This stick easily gets a 9/10 from me and I don’t plan on changing it too soon! (Unless it’s the Warthog ? ) 4 years and counting!! Definetly the best budget stick around


Por Pedro “Nitro” Gomes

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