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Nicola Altafini – one of best SOC

Esta interview vai ser publicada para já em inglês, na sua forma original.

O Nicola é, para nós, uma pessoa que merece o respeito da comunidade pelo seu conhecimento, pelo seu ser de partilha de saber com os outro.

Esta é, no nosso entender, uma enorme qualidade: a capacidade de partilhar.

É coordenador das Special Ops  staff ligado às Forças Aéreas, não disponibilizam ou promovem sessões para que os membros aprendam e aumentem o seu conhecimento. Na maioria dos casos encontramos tours muito limitadas e deixam a desejar.

Isso não se passa na divisão italiana.

Vemos que há uma linha condutora e um grande apoio aos membros.

A entrevista

tudo começou com um…

Nicola – Are you guys ready for new exiting tours? 🤣

The SO Educational is basically the 2020 one. So you already done that 😉

509tigers – 5 SO tours? WOW

Nicola – The EOS tour is in italian because it is a simulation of the real Operation we are making here to destribute covid vaccines across the nation. It is an “emotional tour” i would say for us. But if you are interested you can do it anyway. Just “translate” with browser and go ahead 🤙🏻

509tigers – Great! For a newbie, what is the best “route” to do that SO tours?

Nicola – The route (dep-dest) are up to you this time except for the Educational tour. So, for newbyes i would reccomend this one as starting point. For potuguese guys also the cold war era interesting with the G91 😍.

509 – Perfect! We know you think out of box. We do lots of tours and missions. This is the evidence of a complete group of SO tours and your missions are always more than expected. Last mission with that PAR app and lots of software are precious!

What are your main project as SOC?

Nicola – Basically my main project is to cover all the possible missions and give knowledge to the division. Last year we publicate many many useful manuals (in italian).

509 – where we can find that manuals?

Nicola –

At this time we are doing a weekly SO Onlie day every friday evening.

509 – your philosofy is just for guys at italian division?

Nicola – Mainly yes, i’m a divisional soc 😅 but everyone is welcome within ivao rules.

I could have make all those manuals in english but the process of training people if my division would get slower and less “attractive”.

509 – The language continue to be a problem?

Nicola -Unfortunatley yes. But is ok.

509 – tell us… what you do at real life?

Nicola – I work as atc in the italian air force. Twr actually. Maybe gca controller in the future.

509 – So you play as pilot at simulator?

Nicola – Still have an old laptop but i’m planning to get one someday 😅

509 – ready for some games we plan for you?

Nicola – Games?

509 – Pressure Games. Favorite aircraft?

Nicola – Sr71

509 – Favorite airbase?

Nicola – Nellis AFB near Las Vegas. I went there in 2009

509 – Favorite METAR?

Nicola – Well, working everyday with Frecce Tricolori i prefer cavok 😅

509- Best pickup line from atc?

Nicola – The best one is with junior atcs on the phone making a coordination and you realize they are struggling with the conversation because they are not used to do such things, normally we say: excuse me, can talk with a controller please?

509 – Binary game or 1 or 0… fast questions, fast answers…

Pizza or lasagna?

Nicola – Lasagna for lunch, pizza for dinner.

509 – Pizza or arancino?

Nicola – Pizza. Arancino is for southern people 😅

509 – Pizza or risotto?

Nicola – Pizza everyday, risotto for the sunday lunch (during winter)

509 – Pizza or Fiat?

Nicola – Fiat g91 you mean 😅

509 – Fiat G91 or ferrari?

Nicola – Well Ferrari, but my favorite is this (link)

509 – Ferrari or atc?

Nicola – Ferrari 😅

509 – Ferrari or Eva Riccobono?

Nicola – Come on Luis 😅

509 – Tks Nicola!

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Well, working everyday with Frecce Tricolori i prefer cavok .


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