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Our group was created in 2009 (May) as a virtual group of simulation. Since its creation we evolved to became something greater.
We are now a community with virtual events as well as real events, we now have a strong component of learning from each other and thus making us better as group not as single individual.

Wild Tigers Highlights


Learn more about the Air force mission.


A community where we learn together.


Aircraft, scenarios and other addons that enhance simulation.

We grow together

As a group we share our knowledge.


Work together as a team.

Tiger solidarity

We support solidarity causes.
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Recent missions


More than 180 official missions on IVAO, more than 50 real missions simulated.

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Our vision

We plan something simple: the desire to fly and realize the dreams find the team spirit, mission and demanding the ideal way to, once again, honor by our deeds, dedication, effort and commitment of our military.

We flew the mission, flew by the requirement that only this type of flight gives us, we fly to fly together and grow in the community are values that can not be forgotten. We are here for reference and because we believe in the abilities of people. We are special, go where others do not go and do happen where others do not believe or were.

Our mission

Generate knowledge, technical and technological development in the areas of aerospace simulation in military aspect and computer. To present the Air Force missions, sticking with our simulations, the professionals who perform in reality. Valuing people and their skills in the community.

Develop a flexible, committed and innovative organization. Encourage the commitment of spirit and mission in the achievement of goals. Enhance the team spirit and cooperation. Be a reference to international level in the field of special operations / Air Force.

Our philosophy

We are based in RESPECT for the work done by our military and their sense of mission, in the person VALUATION, your family and objectives, the COMMITMENT and ACCURACY delivered to our participation in the virtual and the real, the TEAM SPIRIT for personal and community development.

What we do

We take our pilots theoretical and practical training in theoretical sessions, self-trainig and tutorizado training. We also present a set of real-based missions and other virtual. We have a team of dedicated and committed people, some of them with ties to the Air Force, who value teamwork, community spirit and personal and technical development.

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